NSA: what tools we will need for the worldwide spying?

As some of you may know, not so long ago Edward Snowden have released to the press some documents concerning spying methods of government organizations like CIA (Central Investigating agency) and NSA (National security Agency).

According to this information, the XKeyscore program used by NSA is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributive and that it is capable of collecting data from routers, emails, records of conversations through skype and so forth. This information was published on “The Register” matter with prooflink on documents, released by Snowden.

A British journalist Glenn Greenwald said that the XKeyscore program is a part of Linux software that is located on Red Hat servers. Greenwald describes Functionality of XKeyscore as “software that uses Apache web-server and saves information in MySQL dbs. The file structure in the cluster is based on NFS file system protocol and with service of automatic file system monitoring autofs. Scheduled tasks are being executed by cron task scheduler. This is quite amazing that all you need to get worldwide spying network is Linux, Apache and MySQL.