NSA uploaded a security tool

National Security agency has released an open-source tool for network security on government organizations and commercial companies. The system is called SIMP(Systems Integrity Management Platform), the source code of this tool is located on NSA GitHub repository(https://github.com/nationalsecurityagency).

In the official press release it says, that this instrument is developed to help companies in protection of their local network from hacker attacks.

SIMP – is a framework that provides a combination of security standards and operating flexibility. The main purpose of the project is to provide a management environment that will be measured up to modern standards of information security.

In press-release text, it is noted that by providing open-source instrument NSA wants to establish a trustable relationship with IS-community and join forces to provide better information security to users.

Right now SIMP is supporting such operating systems as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.6 and 7.1, also CentOS 6.6 and 7.1. Despite on the statement of trustable relationship, it will be very difficult for NSA to get it. Mass Media already asking questions about SIMP, does it contain any backdoors that could be used to collect personal data? There is a discuss on one of the Linux forums.