Cyber criminals have found new way to get a profit from the victim

Cyber crimes are becoming more complicated and more interesting almost every month. Internet-extortionists have developed a new method to extort money from users. For this purpose, they are using AdWords advertisements and fake Blue screen of death (BSOD).

Blue screen of death is the one thing that user wish to avoid. Usually, BSOD is associating with Windows, which is why this method is a quite new phenomenon. According to the experts, the cyber criminals are using YouTube advertisements that are placed at the top of the search result page. The most interesting that the URL is belonging to legit resource YouTube and if the user will point on it, he will see only link the some YouTube channel. But in truth, once user left clicks on it, he will be rerouted to a very good looking web page with Blue screen of death in it. Some users are not seeing any difference between a real BSOD and a fake one.

And as in most of the schemes user is recommended to contact with tech support that will help him to deal with this issue. However, once user calls on provided number, the extortionists will push this situation further. They will offer to purchase and install expensive, bogus and useless software that will do nothing. For this, that will ask around $599. Even more, some personal information like password or codes to credit cards may also appear in the hands of the criminals.

Be careful of such schemes and don’t let to fool yourself so easily!