A new virus has been discovered on Android devices

A new dangerous threat has been uncovered by the antivirus experts for users of Android devices. Virus is classified as a Trojan-extortioner.

It learned how to change pin code of smartphones and tablets. This new Trojan virus was called “Lockerpin”. The most common way of spreading right now is along with program called “Porn-droid” that can be downloaded from unofficial stores or websites with illegal content.

The most interesting about this virus is the way how it gets the administrative rights over user device. Right after the installation this program user will see a request for the update, but this alert will be a fake. Behind this warning, there is an activation of Devise administration mode. And once the user clicks anywhere on pop-up alert the application immediately gets administrative rights.

After that program sets new pin code on the device even cyber criminal don’t know it. Then, the extortionists are offering to the owner of the gadget to pay $500 for “storing and viewing of pornographic materials”.

It will be very hard to deal with this malicious virus because this Trojan program can disable any anti-virus program on users’ devices. The only thing that user can do is to set factory settings or to find a way to get Root access to their devices.